The Devil’s Beatitudes


By John J Kirkwood

Summary: If it’s President Clinton, the church can expect persecution from without.  If it’s President Trump, the church can expect corruption from within.  Now to the specifics. wd


THE GOOD: Yes, there is good.  President Clinton will enter her first term in a state of weakness. Her numbers are historic lows on “trust” and “favorability.”  She will limp into office, literally and figuratively, she’ll need to be propped up. She has the “Woman Card” and won’t be afraid to abuse it but it will not be nearly as effective as Barack Obama’s “Race Card.”  Democrats don’t even like Hillary.

A President Clinton won’t have a mandate unless the Flopposition Party gives her one.  Though, even feckless Republicans will fight harder after the chainsaw enema they’ve just endured from Donald Trump.

Christians will be targeted for persecution and the winnowing between the Confessing Church and the Trump Church will continue, allowing for real leadership to rise.  Chaff will burn off.  Persecution from without is always preferable to corruption from within.  God blesses faith, especially when it’s under fire. And there will be those who tested in the fire are a right Jerusalem blade in the hand of the Lord.

THE BAD: Hillary is an Alinsky Leftist with grand plans. She won’t be as distracted by a glimpse of stocking as her husband was, so expect her to be completely committed to perpetrating her worldview – commonly known as “evil.”  She’ll have an enemies list and after being rewarded for bad behavior she’ll only get worse.  She faces a Republican Party in shambles, a majority Republican House will flail but the Senate will be a push.

She will go hard for amnesty so Democrats won’t have to cheat in future elections.  The church will be in her cross-hairs.  She will, as Obama before her, continue to use the LGBTQ movement to satiate fascist tendencies and target, as the National Socialists drove the Jews from the market place, Christians for further marginalization.

Federalism will slow this down a bit but there will be whole regions and vocations where Christianity is marginalized and even criminalized.  “Obama killed his thousands, Cersei will kill her tens of thousands.”  As Obama went after the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker, Hillary will go after Christians in the fields of medicine, government jobs, the military, schools, jurisprudence, and of course, religious institutions and the clergy.

THE UGLY: Hillary Clinton will make Cersei Lannister seem like Princess Diana.  I hesitate to bring this up but with everyone focused on what Hillary will do domestically, I fear the travesty of her foreign policy.  War is not out of the question.  She will continue the pay-for-play with interests foreign and domestic but I don’t think that she’ll favor the Sunni Muslims to the extent that Obama has.  She’ll be an equal opportunity mark, open to the highest bidder.  SCOTUS will be forever marred but this should push for better tactics from Constitutionalists. You don’t treat a runaway, rogue court with respect and try and play within its self-written rules, you spank it and send it to its room.

Apart from a new amnesty, Hillary will be a one-term president.  If she dies in office, George W. Bush’s fret will be prophetic, he will be the last Republican president.


THE GOOD: The blind squirrel sometimes blunders on a nut.  The stopped clock is right twice a day.  Donald Trump is not a Conservative, and dtwithout doing severe damage to the meaning of words, he’s not even a Republican.  He is an opportunist, riddled with power lust.  He will serve himself.

How is this good, you ask?  It is good in that some of Donald’s desires will suit our own.  If the rumor was true that Trump’s son said to John Kasich when offering him the VP slot that John could run the day-to-day aspects of the presidency and that his dad only wished to be a figure-head, this is the only good that I can see.

THE BAD:  Trump has been compared to everyone in the Bible other than the person that he resembles: the rich man whom Christ called foolish just after the man bragged to him about how he was so successful he was going to tear down his barns next year and build bigger ones.  No doubt with his name emblazoned in lights at the top.

Trump is about himself and will be about himself.  He will remake the Republican Party in his foul, vulgar image.  And I’m afraid that his success will breed virulent obnoxious knock-off Trumps without the money or the “charm.”  The Party will morph into every slur and caricature that the Left has ever conjured.  He will be an albatross to the party.  And the hirelings and worthless shepherds that signed on to Trump will double down in their ridiculous, hypocritical support.  This church is not the bride of Christ, they are the battered wife of Trumpenstein.  A creature that filled the vacuum left by establishment types who wouldn’t fight and refused to lead.

Trump, the deal maker, will be the new establishment, and everything that the tea-party hated about Bush, McConnell, Boehner, and McCain will be true of Trump.  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

THE UGLY:  The damage to the Evangelical church is already significant.  If Trump wins, he will be emboldened in his bad behavior and will continue to be an embarrassment to those who crafted incredulous alibis to sanctify their support for a truly despicable figure head.

The church will be compromised from within.  We will get more of Falwell Jr., Jeffress, and Huckabee, (Lord, come quickly).  And still more will crawl to kiss the ring of the peach pontiff on their pilgrimage to populist prosperity.  The damage will be extensive.  The divide between the Trump Church and the Confessing Church will be substantial.

Trump will clearly be a one-term president.  He will have so damaged the party label that it may never recover.   Mike Pence will be insignificant moving forward but he’ll be able to tour the mash potato circuit, keynoting at the now irrelevant family groups like the AFA and the FRC who prostituted themselves as well.church

Evangelicalism will suffer by complicity.  The big names who hopped into the Trump limo will suffer the walk of shame that every girl with disheveled hair and a stain on her dress must endure when the night comes to an end.  The enormity of damage to those who sacrificed good names, lifelong ministries, and future testimonies is incalculable.

Not that these men and women won’t still try to wave the banner for morality, they’ll blow the shofar but no one will pay attention other than the Twitter trolls who will incessantly mock them, and rightly so.  They have marked themselves as empty vessels.

Who would hear anything that James Dobson would say of Family Values anymore?  Why should we pray with Franklin Graham for our country to return to morality, has he returned Trump’s $100,000 “donation” and repented in sackcloth and ashes?  These will have as much standing in the world of virtue and morality as Milli Vanilli does in the world of music.

And this is the truly ugly part of the Trump viral breakout: our kids have been watching the whole thing.  And there’s the rub.  Why shouldn’t they grab some p***y at the frat party?  Why shouldn’t they tweet vulgarity at perceived enemies?  Why shouldn’t they put the love of money, bling, and power-lust above all things?  After all, they may be president one day, or even better, a reality star.

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