The If’s That Will Keep You Up At Night

Lordship Salvation or Free Grace?

God calls for moderation in dress and behavior but absolutely condemns it when it comes to duty, devotion, and discipleship. Nothing is more extreme than presenting your body a living sacrifice, forsaking father and mother, letting the dead bury the dead, taking up your cross, and loving your enemies while praying for those who persecute you.

The life of the disciple is to be shaped by moderation in regard to self but extreme animation in regard to Christ. Too many Christians hold to moderation with their allegiance and animation in regard to self. Some choose moderation across the board and believe they are justified in their spiritual apathy. These will only grieve the Holy Spirit of God and, to quote DeNiro from “A Bronx Tale,” are “Wasted Talent.”

Christ says that the moderate offering will be rejected: the candle snuffed out, the chaff burned, the drink spewed. We are either a sweet-smelling aroma in the hall of the King, a refreshing drink in his hand, or we are spittle on the floor.

Who are you?

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