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By John James Kirkwood

This is pew #46, where Robert E. Lee used to sit with his daughters at Christ Church in Alexandria Virginia.  It sits just across the aisle from the pew where George Washington had often sat. One day, after the war had ended, General Lee would rise from this pew and demonstrate the strength of true grace.

It was a relatively small church.  The parishioners knew each other quite well.  Or did they?

Families had helped build each other’s houses.  Barn raisings had been a common, even social event.  Their children had courted each other, some having gone on to marriage.  They had stood together and cried together at the gravesides of countless loved ones over the past five years.  They had gone through a most traumatic period as a community.  Now it was time for the healing to begin.

Together in church one day they would be challenged and together most would fail.

Such is the story of human history and sadly of the Body of Christ known to the world as, “the Church.”  Sometimes, there is but one man who has the courage of his convictions, and that sole man’s faithfulness in the heat of battle may melt the hard-hearted and inspire the lesser men around him.

One sunny day in a little Virginian church parishioners gathered to observe what is known in much of Christendom as The Lord’s Supper – the Eucharist.  As the people were about to keep the ritual a young man, a young, “black man” entered from the back and approached the podium to himself partake.

There was a noticeable gasp, an uncomfortable drawn out silence for which even the parson seemed at a loss.  For this was no mere mistake, this was an outright offense.

Did this man not know of his station in life?  How insolent!  He had his own place of worship, a “black” assembly, but this was “ours!”  Something must be done!

Just when it seemed that chaos might break out a distinguished elderly man arose from a middle pew.

Well known and well respected not just in this little Virginia chapel but also in the whole of the Confederacy, even throughout the entire country; he would set things straight.  When he arose there seemed to be a collective sigh of relief, the congregation was able to breathe again and some of the men were eager in their anticipation of the coming “fix.”

Approaching the young man, the young, “black man” whose head was now bowed as he knelt at the altar, the elderly gentleman to the surprise of those assembled took his place next to him.  Next to the “black man.”

Without saying a word, he slowly knelt.  His age and the cost of war made it slow but deliberate, then he looked his parson in the eyes and nodded as if to say, “get on with it,” bowing his head once more to await his turn.

It may have shocked some in attendance, though they’d never challenge their hero about this in public or in private.  It most certainly shocked the young man who, rightly or wrongly, decided to interrupt a church service to make a statement.

The parson began the ritual and the young man, (who never really was that young, “black man” but a fellow believer, even a brother in Christ), was allowed to partake.

As the old man took the wafer, another man rose and slowly made his way to the front, and then another followed by yet another.

Not because of the will of the people or the wisdom of the parson but because of the courage of one old man what could have turned into a terrible wrong was made right, the wind and the waves rebuked.

It would have been very easy for the old man to stay in his seat, they were his friends, they were his family, and he was their hero.  The peer pressure must have been overwhelming, but he did the right thing.  He did the hard thing.

A few years earlier on another battlefield this “old man” faced the pressure of another battle with an overwhelming enemy.  Outnumbered nearly three to one, poorly supplied and facing the annihilation of his army he had to make another hard choice.  Surely the easy thing to do would be to retreat, fight the battle another day or at least dig in and let someone else take the initiative, but not he.  He did the hard thing, what many would call the impossible: he attacked and he won.

Many may know what General Robert E. Lee achieved at Chancellorsville in early May of 1863 but only a few of what he accomplished in that little Virginia chapel after the war had ended.

Some say that bravery in the face of the enemy is the highest and most honorable of virtues.  Others would argue that it is the courage one must muster in the face of friends, family and peers when those dearest to you are out of line.  That is the epitome of valor!

Hollywood loves the charged ending with a charismatic character in righteous indignation calling down fiery condemnation on those in the wrong – a scorched earth campaign like Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men or Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman.  Sadly, in the face of unrepentant sin, this is sometimes necessary.  But notice the grace bestowed by the good general: grace to a young black man with an agenda, grace to a hesitant, paralyzed parson, but most of all, grace to the stilted crowd.

There was no condemnation here, no presumption about their character.  The old general simply did the right thing and led by example, and he did it in a manner so as to give those in his company an “out” so that they too could join him in victory.

This is noble!  This is magnanimous!  This is the heart of true, Christian courage!

*To find out more about the inspiring life of Robert E. Lee, read R.E. Lee: A Biography by Douglas Southall Freeman (preferably the 4 volume set)



By John J Kirkwood

Summary: If it’s President Clinton, the church can expect persecution from without.  If it’s President Trump, the church can expect corruption from within.  Now to the specifics. wd


THE GOOD: Yes, there is good.  President Clinton will enter her first term in a state of weakness. Her numbers are historic lows on “trust” and “favorability.”  She will limp into office, literally and figuratively, she’ll need to be propped up. She has the “Woman Card” and won’t be afraid to abuse it but it will not be nearly as effective as Barack Obama’s “Race Card.”  Democrats don’t even like Hillary.

A President Clinton won’t have a mandate unless the Flopposition Party gives her one.  Though, even feckless Republicans will fight harder after the chainsaw enema they’ve just endured from Donald Trump.

Christians will be targeted for persecution and the winnowing between the Confessing Church and the Trump Church will continue, allowing for real leadership to rise.  Chaff will burn off.  Persecution from without is always preferable to corruption from within.  God blesses faith, especially when it’s under fire. And there will be those who tested in the fire are a right Jerusalem blade in the hand of the Lord.

THE BAD: Hillary is an Alinsky Leftist with grand plans. She won’t be as distracted by a glimpse of stocking as her husband was, so expect her to be completely committed to perpetrating her worldview – commonly known as “evil.”  She’ll have an enemies list and after being rewarded for bad behavior she’ll only get worse.  She faces a Republican Party in shambles, a majority Republican House will flail but the Senate will be a push.

She will go hard for amnesty so Democrats won’t have to cheat in future elections.  The church will be in her cross-hairs.  She will, as Obama before her, continue to use the LGBTQ movement to satiate fascist tendencies and target, as the National Socialists drove the Jews from the market place, Christians for further marginalization.

Federalism will slow this down a bit but there will be whole regions and vocations where Christianity is marginalized and even criminalized.  “Obama killed his thousands, Cersei will kill her tens of thousands.”  As Obama went after the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker, Hillary will go after Christians in the fields of medicine, government jobs, the military, schools, jurisprudence, and of course, religious institutions and the clergy.

THE UGLY: Hillary Clinton will make Cersei Lannister seem like Princess Diana.  I hesitate to bring this up but with everyone focused on what Hillary will do domestically, I fear the travesty of her foreign policy.  War is not out of the question.  She will continue the pay-for-play with interests foreign and domestic but I don’t think that she’ll favor the Sunni Muslims to the extent that Obama has.  She’ll be an equal opportunity mark, open to the highest bidder.  SCOTUS will be forever marred but this should push for better tactics from Constitutionalists. You don’t treat a runaway, rogue court with respect and try and play within its self-written rules, you spank it and send it to its room.

Apart from a new amnesty, Hillary will be a one-term president.  If she dies in office, George W. Bush’s fret will be prophetic, he will be the last Republican president.


THE GOOD: The blind squirrel sometimes blunders on a nut.  The stopped clock is right twice a day.  Donald Trump is not a Conservative, and dtwithout doing severe damage to the meaning of words, he’s not even a Republican.  He is an opportunist, riddled with power lust.  He will serve himself.

How is this good, you ask?  It is good in that some of Donald’s desires will suit our own.  If the rumor was true that Trump’s son said to John Kasich when offering him the VP slot that John could run the day-to-day aspects of the presidency and that his dad only wished to be a figure-head, this is the only good that I can see.

THE BAD:  Trump has been compared to everyone in the Bible other than the person that he resembles: the rich man whom Christ called foolish just after the man bragged to him about how he was so successful he was going to tear down his barns next year and build bigger ones.  No doubt with his name emblazoned in lights at the top.

Trump is about himself and will be about himself.  He will remake the Republican Party in his foul, vulgar image.  And I’m afraid that his success will breed virulent obnoxious knock-off Trumps without the money or the “charm.”  The Party will morph into every slur and caricature that the Left has ever conjured.  He will be an albatross to the party.  And the hirelings and worthless shepherds that signed on to Trump will double down in their ridiculous, hypocritical support.  This church is not the bride of Christ, they are the battered wife of Trumpenstein.  A creature that filled the vacuum left by establishment types who wouldn’t fight and refused to lead.

Trump, the deal maker, will be the new establishment, and everything that the tea-party hated about Bush, McConnell, Boehner, and McCain will be true of Trump.  Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

THE UGLY:  The damage to the Evangelical church is already significant.  If Trump wins, he will be emboldened in his bad behavior and will continue to be an embarrassment to those who crafted incredulous alibis to sanctify their support for a truly despicable figure head.

The church will be compromised from within.  We will get more of Falwell Jr., Jeffress, and Huckabee, (Lord, come quickly).  And still more will crawl to kiss the ring of the peach pontiff on their pilgrimage to populist prosperity.  The damage will be extensive.  The divide between the Trump Church and the Confessing Church will be substantial.

Trump will clearly be a one-term president.  He will have so damaged the party label that it may never recover.   Mike Pence will be insignificant moving forward but he’ll be able to tour the mash potato circuit, keynoting at the now irrelevant family groups like the AFA and the FRC who prostituted themselves as well.church

Evangelicalism will suffer by complicity.  The big names who hopped into the Trump limo will suffer the walk of shame that every girl with disheveled hair and a stain on her dress must endure when the night comes to an end.  The enormity of damage to those who sacrificed good names, lifelong ministries, and future testimonies is incalculable.

Not that these men and women won’t still try to wave the banner for morality, they’ll blow the shofar but no one will pay attention other than the Twitter trolls who will incessantly mock them, and rightly so.  They have marked themselves as empty vessels.

Who would hear anything that James Dobson would say of Family Values anymore?  Why should we pray with Franklin Graham for our country to return to morality, has he returned Trump’s $100,000 “donation” and repented in sackcloth and ashes?  These will have as much standing in the world of virtue and morality as Milli Vanilli does in the world of music.

And this is the truly ugly part of the Trump viral breakout: our kids have been watching the whole thing.  And there’s the rub.  Why shouldn’t they grab some p***y at the frat party?  Why shouldn’t they tweet vulgarity at perceived enemies?  Why shouldn’t they put the love of money, bling, and power-lust above all things?  After all, they may be president one day, or even better, a reality star.


By John J Kirkwood

I have a pastor friend who happens to be black.  He, like the Apostle Paul, cries out for his brethren after the flesh, not because they are unsaved but because they preach, teach, and embrace one thing on Sunday and go out and vote contrary to it on Tuesday.  This election, the pasty-white Republican will join the African-American Democrat as a majority of Christians will go out and vote contrary to their beliefs on a Tuesday in November.  And it’s not merely the fault of Jesse Jackson Jr and Al Sharpton on the Left, or Jerry Falwell Jr, Franklin Graham, and Robert Jeffress in the Bible belt.  These men may be, in this context, worthless shepherds, but they have huge flocks more than willing to follow them.

This election has been a winnowing.  The integrity of a people has been measured and found wanting.  I’m speaking of the American people as a whole.  There may be major disagreement over who to vote for, or, to vote at all, but one thing where there is near universal agreement is that the two people at the top of the ballot are despised.

There has never been a time in American history where two presidential candidates have been so disliked.  They both share record high unfavorable ratings in a time where the same poll shows that most people feel the country is headed in the wrong direction.  So how did it come to this?  It’s uglier than you think.

I have taken a lot of heat for not supporting the Republican candidate and for writing passionately against the man and against so-called “Evangelical” support of the man.  Some people are wondering just why I’ve taken such a strong stance against Donald Trump when I have written so prolifically about the evil of his opponent and the modern Democrat Party.  But it is because I have written about evil in “them” that I can’t neglect it when it occurs in “us.”

Now, before you break out your arguments of moral or immoral equivalency between the candidates, and drop the lesser-evil card, remember that up until a couple of years ago, Donald Trump was one of them.  And most who support him now, think he’s as low as I say but given the alternative, they’re just fine with that.

Here’s what I’d have to give up to support Trump:

I’d have to apologize to every other politician who I’ve held to a higher standard.  Every argument that I’ve ever made about “character” would have to be incinerated and I’d have to do it with my children watching.  What would that say to the next generation?  To my own progeny?

I’d have to resign my pulpit.  To be consistent, all that I’ve taught about virtue, integrity, faith over fear, idolatry, evil, lesser evil, fellowship with darkness, faithfulness over expediency, and finally, hypocrisy, would already declare anything else I had to say, “Dead on Arrival.”  And if you think that men like James Dobson, Robert Jeffress, and Jerry Falwell Jr. have a shred of integrity left, then I guess we should apologize to Demas, Bill Clinton, and Lot’s wife.

I’d have to confess to my children that I’ve been wrong this whole time.  That integrity, character, and principles matter MOST of the time.  And that the will of God is to be preferred until and unless it differs with the will of the people, following a primary.  But if the will of the people following a primary can cancel out your principles then why can’t the will of the people following a general election do the same?

I’d have to look at all those I’ve counseled who have been victims of sexual assault, both female and male, and say, “Sorry guys, you’re going to have to take one for the team.”  And why should they?  Because we stand for what’s right?

This may be the deepest and most unfortunate wound of the whole campaign.  Talk about being victimized all over again.  But this time, it’s your pastor, your brother, your father, your fellow conservatives who stand by indifferent.  NO ELECTION IS WORTH THAT. NO ONE CANDIDATE IS WORTH THAT.  We owe our brothers and sisters more than a callous indifference toward their pain to win short-term political gain. A perceived gain.

I’d have to sacrifice my testimony not just as a pastor as shown above but as a follower of Christ.  I could never speak of moral issues again without being challenged by others with my support of Donald Trump.

And it wouldn’t just be moral issues, although those are the most important.  There are dozens of issues that Donald Trump has supported that no Conservative, without a gun to his head, would dream of supporting: a trade position to the Left of Bernie Sanders, paid maternity leave, raising the minimum wage, torture, killing innocent family members of suspected terrorists, single-payer healthcare, no fly-no buy gun control, threatening the press with a breach of the 1st Amendment, threatening his own party on the down ballot by telling his people not to vote for them.

In essence, I would have to become something that for my whole life I have loathed in the godless, worldly, secular-humanists who make politics their religion, government their god, and win-at-all-costs their motto.

Christians in this election have been shown to be idolatrous in their preference for “values” that are absolutely opposed to Bible doctrine:

  • Choosing evil that good may come. (Supposed “Lesser Evil”)
  • A forced binary (situational ethics, same as above) – If you want to reduce voting to a binary then for the Christian it is never Candidate A over Candidate B if they are both evil, in that case, it would have to be faith over fear because one should never sin against conscience.
  • They do it so why can’t we? – In the recent days, I have seen Christians defending Trump’s statement from the final debate that he may not respect the outcome of the election based on the fact that Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, and even Barack Obama have said similar things in the past. Notice, if you will, how our measuring rod has moved from Richard Nixon (pretty low to begin with) to the absolute worst, vile Alinskyite’s in the other party. Men and women who wouldn’t accept, “Well, everyone’s doing it,” from their disrespectful tweener, are all of a sudden embracing the same philosophy in their defense of a 70-year-old man.
  • But Hillary is mean and scary. – “The question for the believer is never the strength of the enemy,” wrote my father, James Kirkwood, “but the power of God and the means of supply.” It wasn’t the wind and the waves that caused Peter to sink, it wasn’t Egyptian chariots or Assyrian archers that caused Israel to fail.  It was little faith.  Adopting the language of fear, desperation, and pragmatism leaves no room for faith; and frankly is a heck of a lot closer to the report of the ten spies than it is to Joshua and Caleb.

Finally, I’d just like to point out that every argument that believers make for supporting Trump is made from pragmatism.  “He’s not Hillary.”  Neither is Elizabeth Warren, but I wouldn’t vote for her just based on that. To buy into the lesser evil argument means that there is no election that you are not held to a fixed binary irrespective of any foundational principles. If it comes down to Pilate or Herod, you’re all in on Herod.

One of the most impassioned arguments is that the integrity of the Supreme Court is at stake, so we must be willing to sacrifice our character as a people to enshrine our character on the court.  SCOTUS has become an idol.  And I’m convinced, God will smash that idol shortly.

The frightful truth is that these two candidates are a reflection of who we’ve become.  As a wag pointed out on the internet the other day, “Trump is everything that is wrong with our culture, and Hillary is everything that is wrong with our government.”

I firmly believe that God is using Donald Trump as he’s using Hillary Clinton, as a judgment on a wayward, stiff-necked people.  Hillary Clinton is a judgment on a nation that has forgotten God and in some cases mocked Him, and Donald Trump is a judgment on a hypocritical party who waves a platform around when they need checks, volunteers, and votes, but when they get to Washington, ignore it and refuse to fight for it.

I am thankful that we haven’t yet received what we really deserve.  As bad as Donald and Hillary are, we are deserving of much worse – having committed graver indiscretions than other nations who have been judged harsher.

The proper mindset toward the judgment of God is not to dig in our heels and kick against the goads but to fall to our knees and repent; to fast, to pray, and to remain immovable and unshakable in our simple faith.

As Vaclav Havel has said so eloquently, “The power of the powerless consists not in clever political strategies but in the simple daily discipline of living within the truth and refusing to lie.”

Don’t Taze Me, Bro!

By John J Kirkwood

The problem with the church today?

The Western Church today is bound by two poles. On the one end are all those who have turned grace into lasciviousness (Jude 1:4). Think of all the denominations that now bow to the rainbow flag… and Jimmy Carter.

On the other end are those who have fallen from Grace, men who have distorted the gospel message in response to the prodigal brothers mentioned above (MacArthur, Brown, McDonald, Muehlenberg). These are the new Pharisees, the Judaizers, the legalists; these are the Galatians who the Apostle Paul held in doubt, called bewitched, and told us to beware of, because they were accursed for perverting the gospel (Gal. 1:6-9).

Here’s the problem. While it’s easy to notice the first group because they are obviously so contrary to the will and word of God, the second group is cloaked in spirituality.

It is easy to tell what’s wrong with the son in the far country, whether he is reveling in the bar or eating with the pigs, but what of the brother in the field?

The Galatians go to church on Wednesday and twice on Sunday. They read their Bibles, march with pro-lifers, defend traditional marriage, blow a whistle at AWANA, write Christian books, host Christian radio shows – they’ve got street cred and “Christian” callouses but they’re more insidiously dangerous than the wretch in the gutter.

Have you ever noticed how many ministries are geared toward reaching “the prodigal son” while the whole church is oblivious that the targeted audience in that story was the Pharisees who were bitterly attacking Christ and his gospel? Go back and read Luke 15 and you’ll see the whole point was to rebuke the Pharisees, to bring guilt and shame on the elder brother in the field.

Now the tax collectors and sinners were all drawing near to hear him. And the Pharisees and the scribes grumbled, saying, “This man receives sinners and eats with them.” So he told them this parable: (Luke 15:1-3)

So, the church is caught between the lascivious and the ascetic, the prodigal at the brothel and the proud in the field, but be careful not to take sides for the proper response to this continuum is the Father – watching on the roof, falling on the neck of the prodigal, and rebuking the elder son in the field.

Giddy Up, Pagan Antinomian Libertine!

by John J Kirkwood

Christians are rightly outraged when men try to usurp the place of Christ and claim to be a dispenser of salvation, able to forgive sins. We call these men charlatans and cult leaders. They are for the most part roundly ridiculed and ignored. But why isn’t there as much outrage for those among us who try to usurp the ministration of the Spirit? Why do we exalt these men, spread their message, invite them to speak, and share their memes?

When men, however well meaning, try to manipulate the obedience of fellow believers by threats of disinheritance and even damnation, they demonstrate that they have very little faith in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. In short, they insult God and ignore the promise of His word.

“O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? It was before your eyes that Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified. Let me ask you only this: Did you receive the Spirit by works of the law or by hearing with faith? Are you so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh?”
(Galatians 3:1-3 ESV)

When it comes to the weaker believer, we are told to not judge them and to build them up in the faith with a tender heart. That’s hardly the methods of the neo-Pharisees that I hear praying in the temple.

God’s plan for the edification of the believer was not to be defamed by the legalist but to be refined in the conviction, training, and transforming power of His Spirit, the encouragement of the church, the feeding of the pastor/teacher, and the laboring of the workman who needs not be ashamed.

It is not fear of punishment nor hope of reward that is the highest motivation for service, it is an understanding of amazing grace. It is the love of Christ that compels. Jesus whipped money-changers and charlatans not his disciples, and he didn’t ask a cackle of arrogant Galatians to bear his whip to ensure the obedience of the brethren today. It is not, “Do you love me? Then whip my sheep,” it is “Do you love me? Then feed my lambs.”

Worthless Comforters

by John J. Kirkwood

When Dr. Michael Brown says: “Find me one verse anywhere in the Bible—just one—that gives assurance of eternal life and blessing to an unrepentant rebel who is living in willful, persistent sin, denying the Lord in an ongoing, hardened way, and I will invite you to join me on national radio or TV and tell the whole world that I was wrong. Just one verse,” I would just ask the following questions:

Is God’s offer of salvation made to saints or sinners? Aren’t we all “unrepentant rebels living in willful, persistent sin, denying the Lord in an ongoing, hardened way” when we are confronted by the good news of the Grace of God?

Wasn’t that an exact description of Saul of Tarsus when he was confronted on the Damascus Road?

And lastly, is the good Dr. suggesting that we are saved (gifted eternal life) on the basis of the way we are living or the way that Christ died and now lives? My Bible tells me that eternal life is a “free gift,” (DORIAN in the Greek, which means ‘without any cause’ in us). Is the Dr. saying that the “free gift” is dependent on the way we live, our attitude, or our level of sinlessness?

Is not Dr. Brown implying, by even asking this question, that eternal life is really based on our merit/performance/production? This question, at best, is a straw man, at worst it is the heresy of Lordship Salvation. “And if by works, it is no longer of Grace.”

As for the Dr.’s challenge of the “one verse,” I could list 150 of them but if he doesn’t understand this first one, there is little hope that he can see beyond his bias.

For God so Loved the World – For God so Loved the “unrepentant rebels who were living in willful, persistent sin, denying the Lord in an ongoing, hardened way,” that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever BELIEVETH in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

Brown, Michael L. (2014-01-07). Hyper-Grace: Exposing the Dangers of the Modern Grace Message (p. 250). Charisma House. Kindle Edition.

The Fool and The Fruit Inspector

“When God saves a fool you get a saved fool.” – J.D. Sumner
I’ve got to say that the culture wars are very attractive to the Pharisee. The fight for Life and traditional marriage attracts Galatians, legalists, and the elder brothers in the field like moths to a flame. And many of these can’t tell the difference between salvation and discipleship. They recognize no distinction in a believer’s standing and in his state. And being wrong on this spiritual truth is more dangerous than the particular temporal vices that they fight against.
If your answer to “What must I do to be saved?” adds anything to “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,” then you are either a fool or a Pharisee.
If your answer adds behavior, a length of time, fruit bearing, a particular attitude, feeling sorry for your sins, baptism, circumcision, law keeping, making Jesus Lord of your life, your blood, your sweat, your tears, your continued faithfulness, your scrawny little promises to do and to don’t, to vote, dress, eat, or worship a certain way – you’re not just a Pharisee, you’ve fallen from grace and you’re an anathema. (Galatians 1)
The Father beckons you to come into your brother’s feast, the Apostle tells you to step right or step off and may the knife slip at your bris. It’s hard to top that.
Pastor Tori Dean Swingrover writes, “Christians are just as capable of being confused, deceived or just plain wrong as are non-Christians. Being wrong about [same sex marriage] doesn’t mean a person has not placed his faith in Jesus Christ. It means that the Holy Spirit has more work to do in that believer.”
The difference between the Mixed Gospel – the idea that we are saved by grace but kept by works, and the Grace Gospel. The left side is legalism, Galatianism, Lordship Salvation; the right side is Grace, now called Hyper-Grace by those who preach legalism. Those that teach the “Mixed Gospel” are as guilty as the Jews, who in their zeal, justified their own righteousness: “For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God. For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believes.”
(Romans 10:2-4)Paul says to those teaching the “Mixed-Gospel,” “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you? This only would I learn of you, Received ye the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? Are ye so foolish? having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?”
(Galatians 3:1-3)

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