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by John J Kirkwood

My #NeverTrump friends have me convinced that Trump is evil. My#NeverHillary friends have me convinced that Hillary is super evil.

So what is a believer to do when confronted with evil?

Sorry friends, this isn’t rocket science.

A believer confronted by evil is to reject it, expose it, rebuke it, and to overcome it, but we are never asked by the Father or by the Son, nor are we ever led by the Holy Spirit to embrace evil, or to accept it, or settle for it, or to celebrate it. We are not to condone evil nor are we to justify evil, not even Evil Lite that tastes great and comes with 1/3 less calories.

It takes human nature to come up with something as deceptively evil as the doctrine of the lesser evil.

If you’re struggling with your decision it’s because your New Nature and the Holy Spirit with which it resonates is convicting you of what your flesh is dragging you to do.

Who wins? Hint: It’s the dog you feed.

“Two natures beat within my breast
The one is foul, the one is blessed
The one I love, the one I hate.
The one I feed will dominate.”



By John J Kirkwood

I have a pastor friend who happens to be black.  He, like the Apostle Paul, cries out for his brethren after the flesh, not because they are unsaved but because they preach, teach, and embrace one thing on Sunday and go out and vote contrary to it on Tuesday.  This election, the pasty-white Republican will join the African-American Democrat as a majority of Christians will go out and vote contrary to their beliefs on a Tuesday in November.  And it’s not merely the fault of Jesse Jackson Jr and Al Sharpton on the Left, or Jerry Falwell Jr, Franklin Graham, and Robert Jeffress in the Bible belt.  These men may be, in this context, worthless shepherds, but they have huge flocks more than willing to follow them.

This election has been a winnowing.  The integrity of a people has been measured and found wanting.  I’m speaking of the American people as a whole.  There may be major disagreement over who to vote for, or, to vote at all, but one thing where there is near universal agreement is that the two people at the top of the ballot are despised.

There has never been a time in American history where two presidential candidates have been so disliked.  They both share record high unfavorable ratings in a time where the same poll shows that most people feel the country is headed in the wrong direction.  So how did it come to this?  It’s uglier than you think.

I have taken a lot of heat for not supporting the Republican candidate and for writing passionately against the man and against so-called “Evangelical” support of the man.  Some people are wondering just why I’ve taken such a strong stance against Donald Trump when I have written so prolifically about the evil of his opponent and the modern Democrat Party.  But it is because I have written about evil in “them” that I can’t neglect it when it occurs in “us.”

Now, before you break out your arguments of moral or immoral equivalency between the candidates, and drop the lesser-evil card, remember that up until a couple of years ago, Donald Trump was one of them.  And most who support him now, think he’s as low as I say but given the alternative, they’re just fine with that.

Here’s what I’d have to give up to support Trump:

I’d have to apologize to every other politician who I’ve held to a higher standard.  Every argument that I’ve ever made about “character” would have to be incinerated and I’d have to do it with my children watching.  What would that say to the next generation?  To my own progeny?

I’d have to resign my pulpit.  To be consistent, all that I’ve taught about virtue, integrity, faith over fear, idolatry, evil, lesser evil, fellowship with darkness, faithfulness over expediency, and finally, hypocrisy, would already declare anything else I had to say, “Dead on Arrival.”  And if you think that men like James Dobson, Robert Jeffress, and Jerry Falwell Jr. have a shred of integrity left, then I guess we should apologize to Demas, Bill Clinton, and Lot’s wife.

I’d have to confess to my children that I’ve been wrong this whole time.  That integrity, character, and principles matter MOST of the time.  And that the will of God is to be preferred until and unless it differs with the will of the people, following a primary.  But if the will of the people following a primary can cancel out your principles then why can’t the will of the people following a general election do the same?

I’d have to look at all those I’ve counseled who have been victims of sexual assault, both female and male, and say, “Sorry guys, you’re going to have to take one for the team.”  And why should they?  Because we stand for what’s right?

This may be the deepest and most unfortunate wound of the whole campaign.  Talk about being victimized all over again.  But this time, it’s your pastor, your brother, your father, your fellow conservatives who stand by indifferent.  NO ELECTION IS WORTH THAT. NO ONE CANDIDATE IS WORTH THAT.  We owe our brothers and sisters more than a callous indifference toward their pain to win short-term political gain. A perceived gain.

I’d have to sacrifice my testimony not just as a pastor as shown above but as a follower of Christ.  I could never speak of moral issues again without being challenged by others with my support of Donald Trump.

And it wouldn’t just be moral issues, although those are the most important.  There are dozens of issues that Donald Trump has supported that no Conservative, without a gun to his head, would dream of supporting: a trade position to the Left of Bernie Sanders, paid maternity leave, raising the minimum wage, torture, killing innocent family members of suspected terrorists, single-payer healthcare, no fly-no buy gun control, threatening the press with a breach of the 1st Amendment, threatening his own party on the down ballot by telling his people not to vote for them.

In essence, I would have to become something that for my whole life I have loathed in the godless, worldly, secular-humanists who make politics their religion, government their god, and win-at-all-costs their motto.

Christians in this election have been shown to be idolatrous in their preference for “values” that are absolutely opposed to Bible doctrine:

  • Choosing evil that good may come. (Supposed “Lesser Evil”)
  • A forced binary (situational ethics, same as above) – If you want to reduce voting to a binary then for the Christian it is never Candidate A over Candidate B if they are both evil, in that case, it would have to be faith over fear because one should never sin against conscience.
  • They do it so why can’t we? – In the recent days, I have seen Christians defending Trump’s statement from the final debate that he may not respect the outcome of the election based on the fact that Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, and even Barack Obama have said similar things in the past. Notice, if you will, how our measuring rod has moved from Richard Nixon (pretty low to begin with) to the absolute worst, vile Alinskyite’s in the other party. Men and women who wouldn’t accept, “Well, everyone’s doing it,” from their disrespectful tweener, are all of a sudden embracing the same philosophy in their defense of a 70-year-old man.
  • But Hillary is mean and scary. – “The question for the believer is never the strength of the enemy,” wrote my father, James Kirkwood, “but the power of God and the means of supply.” It wasn’t the wind and the waves that caused Peter to sink, it wasn’t Egyptian chariots or Assyrian archers that caused Israel to fail.  It was little faith.  Adopting the language of fear, desperation, and pragmatism leaves no room for faith; and frankly is a heck of a lot closer to the report of the ten spies than it is to Joshua and Caleb.

Finally, I’d just like to point out that every argument that believers make for supporting Trump is made from pragmatism.  “He’s not Hillary.”  Neither is Elizabeth Warren, but I wouldn’t vote for her just based on that. To buy into the lesser evil argument means that there is no election that you are not held to a fixed binary irrespective of any foundational principles. If it comes down to Pilate or Herod, you’re all in on Herod.

One of the most impassioned arguments is that the integrity of the Supreme Court is at stake, so we must be willing to sacrifice our character as a people to enshrine our character on the court.  SCOTUS has become an idol.  And I’m convinced, God will smash that idol shortly.

The frightful truth is that these two candidates are a reflection of who we’ve become.  As a wag pointed out on the internet the other day, “Trump is everything that is wrong with our culture, and Hillary is everything that is wrong with our government.”

I firmly believe that God is using Donald Trump as he’s using Hillary Clinton, as a judgment on a wayward, stiff-necked people.  Hillary Clinton is a judgment on a nation that has forgotten God and in some cases mocked Him, and Donald Trump is a judgment on a hypocritical party who waves a platform around when they need checks, volunteers, and votes, but when they get to Washington, ignore it and refuse to fight for it.

I am thankful that we haven’t yet received what we really deserve.  As bad as Donald and Hillary are, we are deserving of much worse – having committed graver indiscretions than other nations who have been judged harsher.

The proper mindset toward the judgment of God is not to dig in our heels and kick against the goads but to fall to our knees and repent; to fast, to pray, and to remain immovable and unshakable in our simple faith.

As Vaclav Havel has said so eloquently, “The power of the powerless consists not in clever political strategies but in the simple daily discipline of living within the truth and refusing to lie.”

My Brother’s Keeper

By John J Kirkwood

Netherlands, 1944. A village where Jews are hiding in Northern occupied territory is alarmed to find out that a new governor is to arrive within the month. The man is a reputed monster, no doubt sent by the SS to root out the Jewish population that has been rumored to be “festering” in the area.

Word comes to the community that a local businessman has a solution. On the eve following the next Sabbath, a boat will arrive providing an escape for us to flee through the Biesbosch to the liberated area in the South. The cost is small for such a great risk. But something doesn’t feel right.

You inquire among friends who have friends who know this businessman. Your fears are confirmed when you find out that this man has been a Nazi-sympathizer who has business ties with the Nazis, and has done very well. You even find newspaper articles that show this businessman cavorting with Nazis. And to your horror, even the notorious governor.

You rush home to warn your family. They refuse to listen. You go to the rabbi and leaders of the community, they seem fearful and dismiss your news as fear mongering. The more evidence you share, the more they speak of the evil of the coming governor, and when you persist they accuse you of being sympathetic to the occupiers.

You go back to your brother and sister and beg them to listen. Your sister refuses and warns you not to bring it up again. Your brother gets so infuriated when you show him a picture of the businessman with the Hauptsturmführer, that he punches you in the mouth.

On the night of the escape, curiosity and fear get the best of you. You arrive at the shore and see a row boat taking your friends out to the waiting fishing boat. It makes several trips and you’re torn between swallowing your pride and running out to catch the last boat or staying put in the shadows of the treeline.

You see your sister, Miriam, and your brother Yitzhak board the last boat. It’s not full, there’s room aboard. You stand up but your legs won’t carry you, there’s still a nagging pessimism that you hope isn’t arrogance. And then they’re gone.

Now you can only make out the silhouette of the fishing vessel against the night sky. There are no lights on the boat to betray it, just a faint moonlight. The boat turns and slowly makes its way to freedom.

A wave of guilt rushes over you.  Though indifferent to your own well-being, you suddenly feel shame. All you can think of is how foolish you were to try to talk those that you love out of escaping. What if they would have listened? What if they were standing right next to you seeing the last hope of life and freedom drift off into the dark horizon.

Your regret is shattered by a bright light. A boat has appeared next to the fishing vessel and a spotlight illuminates the startled cargo. There is screaming, and shouting in German, and then a burst of smaller lights that precede the horrid staccato sound of machine guns.

It comes on like thunder and then it trickles to a stop. Finally, just a few random bursts and then, nothing. You fall to your knees and weep uncontrollably. Miriam, Yitzhak, your rabbi, the little girl and her mother that hid in the same barn as you for the last month, gone. All of them, gone.

And then you see it. A faint ripple on the water that grows closer and closer to shore. You make out a figure crawling on all fours up the shoreline. You hear his breathing. You rush out of the shadows and offer up a prayer, hoping this might be Yitzhak. You grab him by the shoulders and he lifts up his head, his body tensing until he recognizes you. It is not Yitzhak.

“Reuben, it’s ok, it’s me, it’s me.” His body goes limp and he falls back to the ground. You stand up and offer him a hand. He takes it and rises to meet you eye to eye, your right hand holding his, your left hand steadying him on his shoulder.

He spits in your face. He pushes you away. He disappears into the forest.

A month later you pick through the garbage and find a day-old newspaper. It shows the arrival of the new governor. The town has thrown him a welcome party. Over the Hauptsturmführer’s left shoulder is a familiar face. The businessman who had promised deliverance, raising his glass for a toast.

The date was January 20, 1944. How strange though, the paper had a typo. It read January 20th, 2017.

A few years after the war, you see Reuben once more. He sees you first and has already started to cross the street. You begin to raise your arm in welcome when you realize what he is doing. He’s purposely avoiding you. It was then that you had the fleeting feeling that maybe you would have been better off boarding that boat.

No! And how foolish to even think it. Truth matters! No matter what, truth is worthy of all our small sacrifices and inconveniences. And maybe, in some future day, posterity will take note.

*Inspired by Paul Verhoeven’s Black Book, and the 2016 Presidential Campaign


By John J Kirkwood

Here’s how it usually works: Our candidate, Candidate X, says or does something unconscionable or indefensible. He is roundly excoriated in the press by the opposition candidate and her minions, by the liberal media, and by the deplorable establishment hacks on our own “team.”

When it was first  reported, we cringed. We exclaimed to the wife, “What the Hell was he thinking?  Doesn’t he have handlers for this?  Who’s advising him on this, a team of monkeys?”

We may even throw our TV remote against the wall and privately vent to like-minded buddies our frustration for the incompetence or sheer stupidity of “our candidate.” And then the trolls on the internet join in on the blanket party of Candidate X and it pushes us over the edge.

We begin to fight back by pointing out double standards in the press and how their candidate, Candidate Y, is even more degraded and duplicitous.  And finally, we begin to argue in behalf of the unconscionable.  We begin to defend the defenseless.  And now we too are complicit.

Like a dog who has returned to his vomit, like a sow returning to the mire.

The solution to media bias from the Left is not media bias from the Right. The counter to media bias is truth.  The remedy for Chris Matthews is not Sean Hannity, it’s Mark Levin.

Men and women of consequence can tell the truth without defiling themselves.  We must have a higher allegiance than a mere partisan spirit.  Our character is infinitely more important than any candidates reputation.

Mrs. Clinton has been hemorrhaging over her treatment of the Benghazi Gold Star parents. She not only lied to the country about their deaths, she lied to the face of their parents. And when some of the parents and the surviving heroes of Benghazi brought it up, she called them liars. How very Trump of her. So how does she extricate herself from this? She sets a trap for The Stupid Party.

At last week’s Democrat Convention, a Muslim father spoke of the loss of his son who served in the US military and died in the Iraq War.  It was one in a continued series of Democrat attempts to demagogue an issue via the pleas of an emotional, sympathetic victim.

It need not have become an issue but the trap was set and the shoot-first-ask-questions-never newbie walked right into it, and Donald Trump is still urinating down his pant leg by attacking, not the Democrats and their duplicity to victimize and humiliate, but the Gold Star parents themselves.

And countless decent people, some of them professing  Christians, are joining him in the mire. And many more are sharing the vomit around the internet as damage control. It’s not helping, folks. You look cruel, and small, and petty.

To the vets, politicos, and apologists who are directly engaging the father of a dead soldier, you’re doing exactly what the Alinsky Democrats expected. Khizr Khan isn’t running for president. The Gold Star dad isn’t the issue anymore than the worm on the end of a hook is the issue.

The issue is the hook and the Large-Mouth Ass that’s about to indulge it.

Hillary Clinton is on fire but the press won’t report it. Her handlers set a fire and blame it on Donald Trump and Republicans come out of the woodwork to put out the fire with gasoline. Which narrative will the press report, the Benghazi Gold Star parents or the poor Muslim father whose hero son died putting himself between his men and a truck bomb?

Barack Obama normally ignores the deaths of American heroes but I imagine there will be a medal ceremony in the Rose Garden for Captain Khan, not because of the soldier’s valor and sacrifice, but the predictable, obdurate stupidity of Republicans.

Don’t be stuck on stupid.

“We can afford to differ on the currency, the tariff, and foreign policy,” said Teddy Roosevelt, “but we can not afford to differ on the question of honesty if we respect our Republic to endure. Honesty is an absolute prerequisite to efficient service to the public. Unless a man is honest, we have no right to keep him in public life, it matters not how brilliant his capacity.”

Those of you who have followed my column or my radio show for any length of time know that I was no fan of George W. Bush.  And while there was a lot that was objectionable about George W. Bush, his treatment of Gold Star parents, including the likes of Cindy Sheehan, was golden.

Cindy Sheehan, with the help and funding of Leftist organizations, haunted and taunted George W. Bush at every turn including setting up camp with upwards of 1,000 protesters outside of his ranch in Texas.

Here is how George W. Bush answered a question about her, (posted by the way by an anti-Bush protester): George W. Bush Takes A Question About Cindy Sheehan.

National Review just shared an excerpt from a book by Dana Perino in which she shared a story of a mother of a dying soldier yelling at George W. Bush when he came to visit her son at Walter Reed. Perino stated that most but not all of the parents felt joy and relief at the sight of the president.

But there were exceptions. One mom and dad of a dying soldier from the Caribbean were devastated, the mom beside herself with grief. She yelled at the president, wanting to know why it was her child and not his who lay in that hospital bed.

Her husband tried to calm her and I noticed the president wasn’t in a hurry to leave—he tried offering comfort but then just stood and took it, like he expected and needed to hear the anguish, to try to soak up some of her suffering if he could. Later as we rode back on Marine One to the White House, no one spoke.

But as the helicopter took off, the president looked at me and said, “That mama sure was mad at me.” Then he turned to look out the window of the helicopter. “And I don’t blame her a bit.”

One tear slipped out the side of his eye and down his face. He didn’t wipe it away, and we flew back to the White House.”

Must every death in America now be politicized? It pains me to see Christians & conservatives pawn their humanity to keep step with the Left.

Must we choose between a Democrat who lied to Gold Star parents and then called them liars and a Republican who publicly berates Gold Star parents?  Whomever you plan on voting for or against, it is not wise to follow them into the gutter to justify your vote.

I have greater admiration for a man or woman who tells the truth even about the candidate that they are supporting than the puerile partisan hack who defends the indefensible. Our support of a flawed candidate should not drag us into the spin room. We must not become that which we deplore.

Whatever you may think of him, Donald J. Trump has been a two-edged sword in this campaign and I don’t mean that in a good way.  Houses are divided. We are witnessing a reckoning from the eye of the storm.  Those that retain their calm, their character, and a Heavenly perspective, will not sacrifice truth and dignity along the way.



By John J Kirkwood

The majority of American voters already know what they’re going to do come November but don’t stop reading because you can still save your brother’s marriage or repair that friendship with the #NeverTrumper next door.

Take a look at this map. While the polls are changing hourly the dark redpolitical 3 and the dark blue states, discounting a zombie apocalypse, will remain the same.  So what does this mean to you?  If you live in one of those states, Donald Trump won’t be hurt by your non-vote, but he will miss it. It will be noted. The outcome will not be affected by the small amount of voters who stand aside and watch from the bleachers, but it’ll be enough to send a message.

I live in Illinois. There are many Christians here who are struggling over the impending election because of Donald Trump. They get into arguments at the dinner table, at tea-party meetings, and on Facebook.  And it’s all for naught.  Donald Trump can’t win here.  To do so, he’d have to make up somewhere between 500,000 to 1,000,000 votes.  Don’t ruin a friendship, compromise your character, or spoil your reputation by arguing when you need not and voting when you should not.

There was a lot of talk leading into the New York primary that maybe political 1Donald Trump could put New York into play, and then New Yorkers voted.  There were 1,800,000 votes cast by Democrats and Hillary banked a cool million.  There were only 870,000 Republican votes and Trump garnered 525,000.  Hillary will scalp him in New York.

If you’re a conflicted Christian in New York or Illinois, don’t sweat the small stuff.  Don’t defile yourself for nada.  Your vote doesn’t count, your conscience does.

I’d make the same argument in deep red states like Texas and Utah.  Send the Republicans and the new Trump establishment a message.  They’ll still win there but they won’t be able to ignore the numbers.  If Trump does win, his administration will have to know that there are serious wounds that need to be addressed.

But what if you are a Christian, undecided in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, or any of the other tan, light red, or light blue states?  What if you live in a place where the arguments are legitimate and the consequences are lasting?  I’d follow the advice of Senator Cruz and vote your conscience.

I live in Illinois and I will not vote for Trump, not because I don’t have to but that my conscience, informed by my faith, precludes me from taking that choice.  For me, geography doesn’t trump philosophy and faith. political 2

For my brothers and sisters in these battleground states who are struggling with the decision and yet decide to vote for Trump, I would simply advise that when you go to the polls you make a statement that you are doing so under extreme duress – turn your American Flag lapel pin upside down – the Flag Code’s sign for “dire distress,” or wear a black arm band as a sign that you are in mourning. Change your profile pic and cover photo on Facebook to let your fellow believers know that you realize the decision is grave but you’re not fool enough to buy into the narrative of the Manhattan Messiah.

And for any of my readers who are Democrats who can’t abide voting for Hillary because you’re such a young skull full of mush that you think Bernie is somehow different, this works for you to.

*Map courtesy of Larry Sabato, July 2016. Map first appeared in May of 2015 and though it has changed between now and then is about the same or worse for the Republicans today.


By John J Kirkwood

There are many who would argue that the Christian voter should hold his nose, his conscience, and his tongue from criticism, and vote for Donald J. Trump. Some for the sole reason that the Supreme Court and it’s maintenance supersedes any other consideration.  After all, if there’s a fire in the cockpit should that not be the priority? Should not the water rushing in below deck be tended before any other task?

If you are one of these Christians, I’d like to ask you a few questions:

If the SCOTUS was 9-0 Conservative, would you still argue in favor of Trump?

If SCOTUS was 9-0 Liberal, would you still argue for Trump?

If Trump wins and appoints liberals will you regret your vote?

If Trump wins, appoints Scalia – #1, #2, and #3, overturns Roe vs Wade, would abortion end tomorrow?  How many states would actually ban it and how many would retain it?

Are five justices on the Supreme Court the only way to end abortion? Does God know this?

Does this philosophy conflict with the place and the power the founders sought and planned for the courts? Don’t we need an amendment to the Constitution to force states to comply to the Declaration as we did with slavery?

Does this narrow obsession that places the court in such a powerful position share the same error of Leftists who seek to legislate from the bench?

Does this pragmatism make God’s principles of no effect?

Do principle, honor, and virtue only matter until a primary election is settled?

If your sole basis of voting for Trump is the court appointments or some other  agenda that he may support and Hillary certainly will not, is there nothing he can do or say, any element of character nullification, that would change your mind?

If Republicans nominated Harry Reid, a pro-life, pro-gun Mormon for president, would you support his nomination?

Would you castigate the most conservative member of the Senate for his reluctance to endorse?

Would you tell others who were sharing their anxiety, reluctance, or outright alarm to shut up and vote for the nominee? Isn’t this exactly what the “establishment” has done in their wretched past?

Are we always reduced to two choices?

Are those choices always a form of the “lesser evil.”

Should a believer ever choose evil, lesser or otherwise? When Jesus tells us to overcome evil with good was he not being practical?

What if the choices aren’t between two candidates but between two systems?

What if we are not supposed to choose the lesser of two evils but the greater of two faiths.

What if when God said in both testaments, “The Just Shall Live by Faith,” He meant it?

If none of these questions move you, have you not made SCOTUS an idol to be worshiped that “trumps” everything that you’ve learned of wisdom, honor, virtue, and decision making from the Holy Scriptures?

What if “The Just shall live by…fear, desperation, pragmatism, compromise, or idolatry,” really isn’t a spirit that comes from God?

If you have to ignore nearly everything you’ve ever learned about being unequally yoked, have you not turned a political process into a religion that “trumps” your “real” faith?

Is not the hope of an acceptable SCOTUS appointment more important to you than truth, discernment, and honor?

Are you hoping that this promised SCOTUS appointment is a person of unscrupulous integrity who is fearlessly unshakable on the foundational principles, though he’d be the result of pragmatic voters who had, in fear, abandoned foundational principles to support an unscrupulous candidate in the hopes that all this compromise led to a favorable result?

Is, “the ends justify the means,” a fruit of the Spirit?

Does the Bible have nothing to say about those who would justify evil that good may come?

Is the command to “not have any fellowship with darkness,” not applicable in the political realm?

Would not this desperate hope be a power that blinds you to the right path?

Aren’t these the very same emotions and little compromises that lead young men and women to choose abortion? beware

Are we not so twisted in our approach that, being of two minds, we’ve become Gollum coveting the ring?

But what of those conservative and spiritual leaders who say, “The people have spoken so we must get behind our nominee”?

For the believer, the fact that “the voters have spoken,” can never “trump” the fact that God has spoken. And if those voices conflict…I choose the Lord’s.

ADDENDUM: After posting this, I received a great question by a reader. She simply asked, “Then who should we support?”

Here is my answer:

As a believer – we should support God and His word.

As an American – the Constitution and the Declaration.

As a Republican – the party platform as it reflects the above.

If any nominee, even after a primary, conflicts with any of the above, he or she hasn’t earned our vote.

Is not our vote sacred? Is that not what our founders fought and hoped it would be: “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone,” wrote John Quincy Adams, “and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

Political cartoonist, Michael P. Ramirez, has been savaged for his recent cartoons reflecting his position on the current GOP nominee and those poor souls who to justify their vote for such a man attack anyone who differs as disloyal or unpatriotic.ramirez

He writes, “While friends may disagree from time to time, don’t ask me to compromise my values or beliefs to accommodate your lack of faith and fortitude. I believe in America. I believe in its people. America is a great country and it will find its way. I may be wrong. I have certainly been wrong in the past. I am humbled by it, try to learn from my mistakes and I am willing to freely admit it. But I work hard to substantiate my point of view and to insure my instincts are validated first, rather than emotionally react to events. Life and thought is an evolutionary process, but morals, ethics and integrity are principles that should not be malleable.

I will continue to do my job, to do what I think is in America’s best interests and I will stand alone if I have to.”

If, in our vision, we only see this election and we don’t see past it to future elections, and through it as an opportunity for greater faithfulness, we will have anxiety and despair.

But what of the consequences of capitulation?

Will politicians respect a pro-life community that surrenders so easily?

There have been elections in which the gay lobby has acted against both candidates and look at the power they wield now because they are consistent and they have boundaries that will not be compromised.

Oh, if the righteous had half the zeal of the wicked, how different things would be.

Will our children honor the values we teach them if we abandon them so readily for so little? Are we not selling our birthright for a bowl of lentils?

Will God honor our gifts and our worship if we abandon his principles for perceived short term gain?

If Jeremiah is any record, God reserved his harshest rebuke for his people when they forsook his principles and ran to the Assyrians or the Egyptians for pragmatic, short term. political gain.

He called them “whores,” an unfaithful wife who opened her legs to any passerby.  He even suggests they used the idols of foreigners as sex toys.

Is that explicit enough? Should that not give us pause?

Jesus Endorses Pragmatism, Because Hillary

And he called the multitude, and said unto them, “Hear, and understand: Do not answer evil with evil but overcome evil with good. Unless good is not an option. Then, overcome evil with lesser evil. And call that lesser evil, good.

And woe unto he who calls your lesser evil, evil. He shall be brought to stand outside of the city gates and the whole congregation shall stone him.  Now go, and win some more!”



By John J. Kirkwood

To paraphrase the great Dennis Green, “If you want to crown him, then crown his a**, but the Donald is who we thought he was!”

One of the most disappointing things about this election is to see the lengths that “Christians” will go to justify their surrender. In order to feel good about themselves they have to convince not only themselves but anyone who is willing to listen that their support of Donald Trump is not only justified, it’s sanctified.

Oh, there are some who are willing to admit that this election is a Fielder’s choice and they’re holding their nose and their conscience to support the Republican nominee, but the vast majority have masked their fear and desperation behind faithfulness.  And their choice, sanctioned by the Holy Spirit himself, cloaks their idolatry.  And by stamping the imprimatur of Almighty God on their ballot, they commit soft blasphemy .

Some have even suggested that Donald J. Trump is a gift from God or, somehow, the answer to millions of faithful prayers.

I can understand a person saying, “Look, I’m weary, I’m frightened, and we’re desperate, we can’t have Hillary Clinton for the next four years and although Trump is an objectionable wretch, in this case he’s the lesser evil.”

I may disagree with that but I do understand it.

But sadly this isn’t the case with the Christians who have enough Biblical sense to know that the believer is not to have any fellowship with darkness and that God does not give us the spirit of fear.

These Christians know that the prior response is not acceptable, but their Biblical discernment is far above their own personal faithfulness, so they must fabricate a more generous scenario.  They must lie to dissemble.  But a lesser evil is never a blessed evil.

In his speech last night Dr. Ben Carson, to describe Donald’s rise, used the phrase, “For such a time as this,” – a dog whistle to most Christians and Jews, and an implication that The Donald was a Biblical Esther who would stop the Holocaust of his people.

Ironically, to smear the Democrat opponent, the blessed physician brought up Saul Alinsky and Rules For Radicals even after the man he has fronted for since Iowa has used Alinsky rules 5, 8, and 12 to wage and win his own campaign.

If you were a shrewd investor you’d be buying stock in Procter & Gamble for the amount of lipstick that is being spread on the GOP’s prized pig.

Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, is one of the few Christian “Conservatives” who hasn’t bowed the knee to Baal.

“It’s amusing, but also distressing, to hear people at the RNC call Trump ‘a good man.’  Whatever he is, he is not that.  Not by a long shot,” writes George.  “Honorable people, no matter their politics, know that character counts.  Those who are not deluded know that both Trump and Clinton lack it.”

And there you have it, Christian.  If you are lauding Trump as God’s anointed, you are either delusional or dishonorable but you are not “God’s noblest of men.”

Now, I’m not the type to shuffle my faith into the Tarot deck and claim to speak for God, but for those that are willing to declare that the King of the Universe has raised up The Donald for “Such a time as this,” what makes you so sure that your candidate is Esther and not Haman?  Wasn’t Haman, as Pharaoh before him, raised up for a purpose?

As a matter of argument, it is infinitely easier to demonstrate that Donald J. Trump is God’s hammer to destroy the Republican Party than he is His sword to save the Republic.  weed2

The evidence to establish him as a Clinton plant, a stick in the spoke of the Republican primary process, is a lot more weighty than the gross improbability that out of nowhere and seemingly for no reason Saul Benjamin Queenus Trumpus had a Damascus Road experience and the scales of liberalism and power lust suddenly fell from his eyes.

The evidence to establish this, including the money, the words, the ongoing support of Leftists for decades, and the lengthy phone call with Bill Clinton just prior to the announcement of his candidacy, is all thrown out the window with the same righteous indignation as those who refused to acknowledge the evidence against the Rosenbergs. weeds

And somehow, the caricature and poorly delivered “Republican” message, oftentimes offered from the shop warn pages of liberal mythos, took hold and grew like weeds overtaking a forsaken garden.

And we hold our breath and await the coming harvest.

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